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Therapy and Imaging services are provided on-site through our affiliation with Memorial Village Physical Therapy and Imaging of Oakbend Health System. For any inquiries about onsite physical therapy or imaging please call

Our Staff

  • Andrew Johnson, PT, DPT, OSC, SCS

    Andrew JohnsonPT, DPT, OSC, SCS

  • Katherine Law, PT, DPT, CSCS

    Katherine LawPT, DPT, CSCS

  • Pam Klapat, OT, CHT

    Pam KlapatOT, CHT

  • Wesley Vu, PTA, IASTM

    Wesley VuPTA, IASTM

  • Tammi Perez, PTA

    Tammi PerezPTA

  • Harris Argo, LAT, LMT

    Harris ArgoLAT, LMT

  • Jami Darmstadt, ARRT (RT) (MR)

    Jami DarmstadtARRT (RT) (MR)

  • Dipak Patel, ARRT (RT) (MR)

    Dipak PatelARRT (RT) (MR)

  • Erica Vasquez, Radiographer

    Erica VasquezRadiographer

  • Celia Olascoaga, RT (R)

    Celia OlascoagaRT (R)

Therapy Gym

MRI Machine

X-ray Machine