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"The Physicians of The Orthopedic Sports Clinic."

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

The Physical Rehabilitation Department consists of the latest in physical modalities, testing, and rehabilitative equipment. Modalities include ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, iontophoresis, and tens treatments. The rehabilitative exercise equipment has been customized to address orthopedic sports injuries. Dynamic strength testing is also available to assess recovery and “ready to go” status.


Physical Rehabilitation

Harris Argo, L.A.T.
Harris, L.A.T.

Harris Argo, L.A.T. is the Director of the Physical Rehabilitation Department. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, and is licensed through the Texas Department of Health. Mr. Argo has extensive experience in sports medicine with hands on experience at the high school, college, Olympic, and professional levels. He has been involved with multiple collegiate football bowls, the NCAA track and field championships, the Houston Gamblers (USFL), and the US gymnastic championships in 2004-2012. Since 2002 he has completed 51 marathons including Houston, Dallas, Austin, and New York. He has also completed five 50K and one 50 mile race. His goal was to complete 50 races of marathon or longer distance before his 50th birthday. He completed number 50 the day before his 50th birthday. Mr. Argo continues to stay involved with ongoing athletic competitions. “I not only want to get the athlete well, I want them to return at a higher level. Getting to know patients and helping them achieve this is very rewarding for me.”


Physical Therapy

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson, DPT

Director of Physical Therapy at The Orthopedic Sports Clinic



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